Quit smoking with AcuQuit Laser

AcuQuit is a Laser treatment performed by a qualified health practitioner designed to help you quit smoking and stop smoking for good. We are Australia’s largest Laser to quit smoking company with clinics available in most capital cities.

Laser Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

The AcuQuit stop smoking treatment is a simple procedure where Laser Acupuncture is used on the body. Laser Acupuncture is different to regular Acupuncture as it does not involve any needles. During the treatment, laser light is applied by a qualified health practitioner to a selection of Acupuncture points on the body.

The Acupuncture points chosen for our quit smoking treatment are designed to reduce your cravings for cigarettes and stop the addiction through several different mechanisms. These mechanisms are explained further under the how it works section of our website. The treatment process of quitting smoking with our method is very safe and takes less than 45 minutes.

Why use Laser to Quit Smoking?

There are many different techniques and therapies used on Acupuncture points. We choose to use Laser in our treatment because it provides an easy and comfortable treatment and is great for people who are concerned about the use of needles.

Some benefits of using Laser are:

  • The laser is safe and pain-free.
  • Needles are not required.

Does this treatment work?

This is the most commonly asked question by people who are looking at quitting smoking with any method. There is alot of research on Acupuncture for quitting smoking with a particular focus on reducing or eliminating addictions. In one study Laser Acupuncture had a 71% success rate with most the participants being elderly patients who had smoked most their whole life.

Why choose AcuQuit?

AcuQuit® is performed by AcuQuit® quit smoking therapists who are health practitioners registered with the Australian Government. They are qualified and experienced to perform this laser to stop smoking treatment.

Some benefits of using Laser are:

  • No hypnotherapy or drugs are used.
  • Private health fund rebates available.

Book your AcuQuit Laser treatment

You may book your quit smoking treatment by calling us on 1800 228 784. You may also make an appointment by using our online booking system by clicking here.