1982 – Smoking withdrawal and acupuncture

Smoking withdrawal and acupuncture

Nicotine addiction makes it very difficult for most smokers to quit. This study examined the relapse rate of 194 people (118 men and 76 women) who were given acupuncture treatment to help them stop smoking. Ninety five per cent of patients quit smoking after three acupuncture treatments. Fifty-five (32%) of the 174 patients who replied to a mailed questionnaire said they had not smoked since treatment; the success rate was: one week, 86%; six months 41%; 12 months, 34% and 24 months, 30%. There were no further relapses amongst those patients who abstained for more than 24 months. Eighty-five per cent of those who responded reported that acupuncture had eased the symptoms of smoking withdrawal. However, if the patient’s motivation is weak, subsequent relapse will occur.

Journal: Med J Aust. 1982 Jan 9;1(1):28-9.
Author: Fuller JA.
PubMed ID (PMID): 7062881

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